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In an increasingly competitive world, effective information management is central to business success. Our Partners Netoloji and Exact Software provides enterprise software solutions that meets the demand for powerful yet easy-to-use software, bringing integrated information right to where it’s needed.

These solutions are end-to-end, optimize and streamline operations and processes of small and mid-size organization.

Netoloji: E-Flow (BPM)

E-Flow is suitable for all companies regardless of their size. It is a unique solution for the management of your business processes, Finance, Sales, customer relations, human resources, and operations. The solution helps you in all your operations with full integration with your existing ERP, CRM, etc. systems.

  • Manage your business processes with ease
  • Become the champion of your digital transformation
  • We offer you the most innovative solution on the market
  • Affordable licensing prices
  • Multi-platform Web / Mobile
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud and on-premise solution
  • No need for technical skills to implement your processes
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Integrate your business processes in a solid administrative foundation with Exact Globe Next. This user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software brings together all the information from your business processes in one single solution. This business software thinks along with you, and provides real-time insight into your business performance.

  • One solution for your entire business
  • Real-time dashboard reports
  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • International support
  • Integrate your HRM, CRM, and project management
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Improve collaboration within your company and enhance your business results with Exact Synergy. Our solution ensures that all information about your clients, finance and workforce is located in one central place, and that everyone can work with the same up-to-date data. You gain a clear overview of your business.

  • Ensure that staff members all have the same up-to-date information at their disposal.
  • Benefit from a scalable solution that develops with your business goals.
  • Easily retrieve documents, projects or information on employees.
  • Speed up your workflow by linking all information.
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1 Dove Street, Achimota Golf Hills, Accra- Ghana


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